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The Ultimate Guide to Making a Jesse Tree

Christmas isn’t just about Santa. How about an incredible way to help your family celebrate the true meaning of Christmas? We started by writing Bible Characters for Advent a one of kind fully illustrated children’s book for parents who want their children to learn about Jesus and the Bible during the season of Advent.

Then we created this companion site, My Jesse Tree filled with daily crafts and printables etc to be your ultimate guide to a faith filled Advent. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Advent book for your family or everything you need start a Jesse Tree tradition. We’ve got you covered!

  • About Jesse Trees
  • Trees
  • Symbols
  • DIY Ornaments
  • Printable Ornaments
  • Readings

Jesse Tree Daily Readings

These Jesse Tree readings come from our children’s book, Bible Character’s for Advent. They are designed to lead children through the entire story of the Bible during Advent in a simple and fun way. Each features children’s illustrations, a story and references one or more optional bible verse.

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Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments

Printable Jesse Tree Ornament

For a quick and easy complete set of Jesse Tree ornaments, you can’t beat printables. This set of ornaments is made to go with the readings that we include in this guide.

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25 DIY Jesse Tree Ornaments

DIY Jesse Tree Ornaments

In this guide, we’re giving you three options for your Jesse Tree ornaments. Here you’ll find our simple yet beautiful DIY ornaments that you can make. Each set of ornaments is made to go with the readings that we include in this guide.

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Cross Jesse Tree Ornament

Choosing Jesse Tree Symbols

Jesse Tree symbols can vary depending on the guide you’re using. We believe that the best symbols do two things. 1) They tell the story of the Bible in a clear way, and 2) they regularly refer back to Jesus.

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Evergreen Tree Icon

How to Choose Your Tree

There are three options to consider when choosing your tree; beauty, simplicity, or symbolism. Your tree will emphasize one of these qualities depending on which one you choose.

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Rosary Jesse Tree Ornament

What Is a Jesse Tree?

A Jesse Tree is a decorative tree used during Advent to retell the stories of the Bible that lead to Jesus’s birth. Since Advent is a season of waiting, a Jesse Tree will help to build joy and anticipation as you wait for Christmas.

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