Inspired by the birth of our son Charlieā€¦
we wrote Bible Characters for Advent to instill a Christ-centered focus in our Christmas tradition. After writing the book, we received many requests for ornaments to go along with it.

These ornaments would allow people to use the book as part of a Jesse Tree tradition. We also noticed a need for better information about Jesse Trees online. So, we created MyJesseTree.com and based it on Bible Characters for Advent to create the best resource for Jesse Trees.


Our book introduces important religious concepts to children and shows how key Bible stories connect to Jesus. MyJesseTree.com takes the content of Bible Characters for Advent and adds to it the rich tradition of the Jesse Tree, which uses a tree and ornaments that let families interact with the stories they hear.

For this reason MyJesseTree.com and the companion book, Bible Characters for Advent, is the best way for families to celebrate as they wait for Christmas.