Jesse Tree Symbols

Jesse Tree symbols can vary depending on the guide you’re using. We believe that the best symbols do two things. 1) They tell the story of the Bible in a clear way, and 2) they regularly refer back to Jesus.

We’ve also added a Magnetic Jesse Tree Set this year, with ornaments that feature the actual Bible Characters!

Our Jesse Tree symbols and readings have been taken from our children’s book, Bible Characters for Advent. It is a fully illustrated, 58 page adventure through the Bible with a simple progression from story to story and clear connections to Jesus.

The Story of the Bible

Although individual Bible stories are nice, it is important to know that the Bible itself tells a larger story known as salvation history. Our Jesse Tree symbols were especially selected to help tell this story without skipping over any important events. As you read through it, you will be guided through all the twists and turns of the story in a clear and concise way.

Referring to Jesus

Jesus is not simply the end of the story of the Bible. He is there throughout the whole thing. For this reason, our Jesse Tree symbols and passages were designed to help show how the coming of Jesus is predicted time and time again in the Old Testament, and then fulfilled in the New Testament.

Bible Characters for Advent

Everything you need to celebrate Advent with your Jesse Tree can be found here in our guide.

Below are the Bible Characters and symbols that we suggest. In the next section we will get you set up with ornaments that you can use for each.

Jesse Tree Symbols

  1. God the Father – Earth
  2. Adam & Eve – Apple & Snake
  3. Seth – Mirror
  4. Noah – Rainbow
  5. Shem – Grapes (symbolizing wine)
  6. Abraham – 12 Stars
  7. Jacob – Ladder
  8. Joseph – Coat of Many Colors
  9. Moses – 10 Commandments
  10. Joshua – Wall of Jericho
  11. Rahab – Red Chord
  12. Samson – Scissors & Hair
  13. Ruth – Wedding Rings
  14. Jesse – Sheep
  15. David – Crown
  16. Solomon – Temple
  17. Elijah – Fire
  18. Jeroboam & Rehoboam – Broken Crown
  19. Isaiah – “I” Scroll
  20. Jeremiah – “J” Scroll
  21. Ezekiel – “E” Scroll
  22. John the Baptist – Dove
  23. Joseph – L square
  24. Mary – Rosary
  25. Jesus – Cross