Stars of Your Jesse Tree

How do you pick which characters go on your Jesse Tree? There are so many important figures in the Bible, how do you possibly narrow it down to 25?

Jesse tree with stars

There isn’t a simple answer. People have different opinions. Choosing the stars in Bible Characters for Advent was tough. We put a lot of thought, prayer, and research into it.

Our goal was to show how every character on the Jesse Tree related back to Jesus. Growing up, I loved reading my children’s Bible. I could tell you all the stories; Moses, David, Jesus. And they were all exciting stories!

But I think I missed some of the deeper meanings. I thought David was awesome because he took out Goliath with a slingshot! I was super excited to make a slingshot after that. However the true reason that David is celebrated is that he was a the greatest King in the Old Testament. He ruled over God’s people, just as Jesus would rule over God’s people.

Jeroboam and Rehoboam, those are two names many of us have never hear. Yet they are reason we hear about the Israelites in the Old Testament and the Jews in the New Testament.

The big stories in the Bible showing how everyone relates to Jesus can be complicated! That’s why my husband, who has a Masters in Theology from Franciscan University, figured out all the connections. But I love simple stories, just a few words on a page. So I took all of the complicated stories and made them simple so both a child and I could enjoy them.

Check out who we choose as stars of our Jesse Tree.