What Halloween has Taught Me about Christmas

I’ve never compared Halloween to Christmas, but Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggietales was talking about it and got me thinking.

family in Halloween costumes

This Halloween went remarkably smooth, we all had great costumes, it wasn’t a nightmare getting ready. It made me think I want our Advent to be this amazing.

The secret, we had 3 tries to get it right.

#1 Halloween at the library story time. Our costumes were basic but cute, however, being made out of construction paper they melted in the rain. I also forgot my camera 🙁

#2 Halloween night at church. We were getting better, our costumes had upgrades after several hours of quality time at Hobby Lobby.

#3 Halloween night. In the past I was always the person scrambling to finish my costume while everyone else was ready to go. This year was great. I knew all our costumes worked. We had everything laid out in advance ready to go.

I want Advent to be like this. If you wait till Thanksgiving to think about Advent it’s too late. Advent has arrived! Obviously it’s great to celebrate Advent no matter when you begin. But Halloween was so much more fun having worked out all the kinks in advance. In the spirit of that I’m getting ready for Advent today! Halloween was way better when we actually prepared. Advent and Christmas here we come.